Everyone knows liberalism is terrible

Something which has seemed odd to me is the fact that, even though twice as many Americans identify as conservatives than as liberals, the country keeps moving to the left. Even though most “conservatives” are actually right-liberals, one would think that this would at least cause the country to become less liberal, not more.

However, expanding on a comment I made here, I think there is a reason for this seeming contradiction. It is the absurdity and outrageousness of left-liberalism that causes people to identify as conservatives. Since nearly all “conservative” intellectuals are right-liberals, this means that most antiliberals are imbibing basic liberal political thought. And when the left-liberals propose something especially outrageous, most people will be so (rightly) opposed to it that they will accept any premises that the right-liberal intellectuals tell them are necessary to oppose it, even though those premises are the conclusions that earlier conservatives were fighting against. Thus, further cementing the previous liberal victory. And of course, people eventually realize that the liberal premises they accept, support the left-liberal conclusion more so than the right-liberal conclusion, and so people bite the bullet and accept the left-liberal conclusion. And so on with the next major issue.

So, it’s not that ordinary people (non-intellectuals) think that liberalism is good, they realize it’s bad. They just aren’t familiar with conservatism. That is why it is necessary, if there is to be any hope of bringing about a defeat of liberalism, that reactionaries reassert a place in public discourse, and make it as clear as possible that right-liberals are not conservatives.


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