The fall of Ireland and the evils of democracy

In four centuries of brutal persecution, the Protestants were unable to convert the Irish. Yet in less than one, they have been entirely converted to liberal democratic ideology.

I’m inclined to agree with Bonald, that democracy is simply toxic to Christian faith.


5 thoughts on “The fall of Ireland and the evils of democracy

  1. For some reason you weren’t on my bloglist, well now you are.

    Democracy is inherently anti-Christian, because Christianity is the fulfillment of the World of Tradition, and democracy is anti-Traditional. Thus, it will act as a solvent upon all things of a Traditional character, be they religious faith, patriarchy, etc.

    How any Christian can support democracy today as it ushers in an era of persecution is beyond me.


  2. Democracy is toxic because it implies all questions are debatable, there is no abiding authority, and that each man is equal to one another with the same right to rule his fellows. Furthermore, it’s shameless, because the distinction of government and the people is blurred.


    • With things like this, it also becomes apparent why democracy was concocted in the pits of Hell in the first place. When Ireland legalized gay marriage, it didn’t just destroy the souls of a few, rather millions upon millions of people committed mortal sins all at once, missa damnatio.


  3. McLaughlin says:

    As philosophical Liberalism in political form, Democracy is quite naturally antithetical to authentic, i.e. Catholic, Christianity.

    I realize this is a response to a rather old post, but I’ve just come across your site, and others’. Well done sir.


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