In defense of local regulation

Many “conservatives” have lamented a recent court decision refusing to overturn gun control laws recently passed in New York and Connecticut. Granted many of these people are worthless neocons, but I’ve seen even genuine conservatives lament the laws of these states. This is understandable, since most proponents of gun control in America are leftists, but considered in itself, is there a conservative position on gun control?

Directly, I’d answer in the negative, it’s an issue which can legitimately be left up to communities to decide on their own. But this brings up an issue which of importance to conservatives, communities should be able to regulate things associated with vice (guns, alcohol, etc.). Like with the dry counties in Arkansas, I don’t have any particular problem with alcohol, but I’m glad that localities are free to set their own standards with respect to such things. By the same token, I’m glad that New York and Connecticut are free to legislate their communal standards.


One thought on “In defense of local regulation

  1. Localization of authority is a very Traditional position, completely not at odds with autocracy. Autocrats of a correct variety will prefer to outsource management to local authorities rather than build annoying bureaucracies.


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