Being a racist makes you more charitable to minorities

Being a racist, that is, acknowledging that there are important differences between different races and different cultures, and that these cultures are often mutually incompatible, makes you bear less resentment toward problematic minorities.

If you believe that racism is a bad bad thing believed in only by subhuman oppressors, but still have enough of a brain to realize that something’s rotten in black communities in the United States, you have to resort to explaining this away through declaring that the people in those communities must be malicious or otherwise evil. Acknowledging that their problems come from the inherent cultural conflicts of forced integration, relieves you of having to impute malice to them.

The same principle is valid with respect to the Muslims flooding Europe, acknowledging that their culture and religion is radically incompatible with our own, allows you to explain their misbehavior without resorting to claiming that they don’t have individual consciences or other such absurdities.


3 thoughts on “Being a racist makes you more charitable to minorities

  1. Very true. Understanding the genetic and metaphysical reasons why people have certain aptitudes and predispositions inevitably helps us to understand their behavior beyond the simple face-value paradigm of good and bad. Important stuff.

    @Roman – sorry to hear you got kicked off of TakiMag. Its odd, as they have linked my work before!


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