Escaping the mind trap

At the Arkansas March for life, I was handed a pamphlet from an organization called TFP (Tradition, Family, Property). This is apparently a paleoconservative Catholic movement. I found it a rather enjoyable read and I found most of what it said indicative of great mental clarity, until I came upon this whopper:

The pamphlet was explaining how we need to return to the values of historical Christendom. It listed one such value as representative government.

This is how deep the liberal mind trap goes. Even if you are a Catholic who explicitly recognizes that authority comes from God and that we need to return to the ways and methods of the medievals, you’ll still probably toss a pinch of incense to republicanism without even blinking an eye. The mind trap goes so deep that even an organization which expressly wants a return to the values of the medieval past, still doesn’t even think of the fact that medieval Christendom was not democratic.

Here is their website for reference, as I said, they are infinitely saner than most in society, their republicanism notwithstanding:


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