The Church as counterrevolution

I’ve often seen the counterculturality of the priesthood as an aspect used to attract young men to it. In itself this seems unproblematic as an opening sales pitch, but the Church must be careful not to make its generalized message one of revolution.

The Church’s goal is not to liberate people in a political sense, but rather to submit all things to Christ. Far from calling for the destruction of order, the Church calls the world to perfect order.

In the days of the early Church, when she was being persecuted by the Roman government, she did not call for the overthrow and replacement of the government, but rather taught the faithful to submit to it in all that was not sinful. Eventually, the Roman government converted to the faith.


2 thoughts on “The Church as counterrevolution

  1. McLaughlin says:

    Well put. Simply live your life in accordance with Church teaching and submit to legitimate (i.e., just) state authority. Resist when necessary. Transmit the authentic Faith to your children. Await the decline and fall. Pick up the pieces.


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