Immigrating to America is bad for you

Earlier today I had occasion to attend the Spanish Mass at a nearby parish. What was truly amazing was how many kids were there, it was obvious that the Hispanics at this parish were faithful Catholics, likely more so than the Anglos.

The terrible thing is that, growing up in America, most of those kids will become morally corrupted as adults and will be damned. No doubt this would happen to some even in Mexico, but certainly not as many.


2 thoughts on “Immigrating to America is bad for you

  1. GRA says:

    How do you feel about the various languages said at mass in today’s America? The parish of my parent’s have a Polish mass. Does the accommodation of languages hurt the Catholic Church (the small amount of parishes that use Latin) let alone America in general (English being subverted for immigrants, which also runs parallel to legal immigration).


    • Latin certainly solves the problem (well, homilies aside).

      In general, it’s likely best that immigrants (insofar as they’re already here) to retain as much of their own culture as possible. But on the other hand they need to learn English so that public services and the like don’t have to be bilingual. I’m conflicted on whether or not having Mass in other languages is good or bad.


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