In which I take up the prophetic prose

Woe to you journalists! You take up the air of righteousness, while you yourselves are children of Hell. You make the rest of the people both great and small alike to fear your wrath. You make opponents of homosexual perversion to fear the loss of their jobs, you make police officers fear being railroaded, and you make even the politicians to cower before your wrath. Now you shall fear! You shall dread the terror of the libel suit when you defame the innocent, and civil incarceration when you abet traitors. Your plans have been confounded, and now the evil which you visited upon the meek shall return to you tenfold.

Woe to you who hire illegals! You take jobs from hard working Americans, and give them to foreigners who work on starvation wages. You build up immense profit while giving none of it to your employees. You sell products to those who are well paid, while you starve your own. Now you shall be made to regret it! Your workers shall be deported to a land you know not, and you yourselves shall be taken before the judge, who will hand you over to the guard, who will cast you into prison.

Woe to you who ship jobs to China! You employ dirt poor Asians while becoming rich. You make money off of Americans while you provide them no livelihood. Thus you shall do no more! A tariff shall be placed on your goods, and they shall not be allowed in until you have paid the last penny.


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