A note on the CIA

Just a note:

The CIA is, by virtue of its publicly acknowledged purposes, a group of dishonest execrable liars who encourage people to commit treason against their countries. If the government were just, its members would be executed from the top down for espionage.

Carry on.


My condolences to the Austrians – Mein Beileid an die Österreicher

I figured you guys were going to vote for the right candidate, and had a pretty good idea of what I was going to write about it.

Oh well, at least the Italians voted correctly.


Ich dachte, ihr wollt für den richtigen Kandidaten wählen und habt eine ziemlich gute Vorstellung davon, was ich darüber schreiben wollte.

Na ja, zumindest die Italiener stimmten richtig.


The alt right, the alt alt right, and the alt alt alt right

(try saying that five times fast)

Note: this post is designed both as advice for NRx and Classical Reaction, as well as an intro for anyone who happens to find this blog by looking into the alt right.

The alt right, a loose online network of what can best be described as people who are to the right of both Republican and Libertarian parties, has recently come into the national stage by being two steps removed from Trump. The focus of the majority of the alt right is on the question of race realism.

Next of all, there’s NRx, which I’ve dubbed the alt alt right. I’m not really sure what the essence of NRx is, but the promotion of a corporatist style of monarchism seems to be a substantial part of it.

My advice for NRx would be to cling to the label “alt right” as strongly as possible. If, as is probable, the alt right will become mainstream, then it’s in the interests of NRx to associate itself with it, and thereby come into the national stage in the same way it did.

Next, there’s Classical or Religious Reaction. Check out anything written on the Orthosphere other than by Alan Roebuck* to get an idea of what this is about, or for that matter look at the individual blogs of the authors there. In summary, Classical Reaction involves support for the order that existed before the French and American Revolutions. Monarchism, Antidisestablishmentarianism, etc. I also wrote a piece about it here, and it is my own view.

For us, we need to maintain close ties with NRx, and likewise identify with the alt right label. We don’t have near the numbers to directly attempt a “coup” in the alt right, so our best bet (still a extremely long shot for becoming mainstream, though still the best foreseeable path) would be to associate with NRx, since we both use the “reactionary” label.

*Note, for both those who know what I’m talking about and those who don’t, that I’m not trying to insult Alan, only observing the fact that he is a classical liberal, so his views do not represent those of the other Orthosphere writers.


Advice for bishops: how to get men back in the Church

The next time one of your priests does something completely outrageous (i.e. clearly articulated the Church’s moral doctrine) and catches a ton of media flak for it, call a press conference to discuss the matter, and then denounce the “crooked media” to their faces, call them liars, dishonest, etc.

That will make people interested in what you have to say.

While America’s “magisterium” is having its credibility and moral authority questioned and mocked, would be a great time for the real one to assert itself. Sadly, most bishops will probably try to ally themselves (to no avail of course) with the crooked media, because they believe in its authority and not in their own.


Reaching out to the marginalized

All right, I give up. Being the sort of rigid self-absorbed promethean neopelagain racist bigot that I am, I have long refused to heed Pope Francis the Merciful’s merciful call to mercifully show merciful mercy to the most marginalized in our society. But I can resist no longer, I have had a conversion of heart and will now identify the most hated and reviled demographic in my country and “reach out” to them.

After only a cursory inquiry, it’s clear which demographic group is the most vindictively hated in America, namely WASPs.

So alright people, let’s get on board with the Pope’s message. In order to evangelize to these people, we must first express solidarity with them, and repent of the many sins we’ve committed against them. Henceforth we must be unequivocal in not allowing Hispanics (a group obsequiesly praised in our society) to take their jobs and make them foreigners in their own lands. We certainly cannot allow black criminals and grievance mongerers (a group that receives even more obsequies praise than the Hispanics) to destroy their communities. And it must henceforth be absolutely out of the question to allow Muslims (whose wonderfulness outshines even racial minorities in the eyes of our elites) to terrorize them.

Once we have thus shown ourselves their friends, we can help bring them to the fullness of truth in the Catholic Church, in which alone (at least, when we’re better) they can escape the suicidal tendencies which have plagued WASPs from the countries beginning.


The Great Comission and hatred of one’s hosts

There is a bad tendency among many of the clergy today, to want to make America* Catholic not by means of conversion, but by way of immigration (this will fail for a number of reasons, but the sort of people who think like this generally aren’t sufficiently reflective to see that). This inverts Christ’s command to convert all nations, and replaces it with a desire to abolish any nation that does not convert, i.e. hatred.

If you want a sane and charitable approach to evangelizing America, it has to go like this:

1. America is in fact, and always has been, a secular-Protestant country.
2. America, as in the actual population thereof, must convert.

*Our clergy have the excuse of being able to pretend that that’s what they’re up to. The ones in Europe have no excuse.