A Message to Steve Bannon

“If you want something done right, do it yourself”

You don’t have time to cultivate another nationalist populist candidate. Go for the Presidency. Tell people that you’ll do the things Trump said he’d do.


Prescription Anti-Psychotics Take Another Life

Edit: It seems that video evidence may put Fields’s guilt in doubt. I’ll leave this post up in the meantime, but it is possible that he may be innocent of wrongdoing or at least innocent of murder. If that is confirmed I will take this down.


According to his High School teacher, the guy who ran a car into a crowd in Charlottesville had a history of taking prescription anti-psychotics. Now a woman is dead, his life is ruined, and the lying press is aided in its determination to portray the Alt-Right as violent.

I will note, as has been noted before, that lone wolf attacks that aren’t gang or Islam related are almost exclusively carried out by current or former users of mind-altering drugs (usually but not always prescription). Had he not been on them (whether or not he currently is is unknown), it is very unlikely that this incident would have occurred.


A Donald for a Caesar

I don’t approve of having a republic as a form of government. That said, it’s certainly true that some republican systems are better than others. For example, the ancient Romans wisely had a practice whereby, in a situation of national crisis, a dictator would be appointed on a temporary basis. While the emergency continued, the dictator’s rule was absolute.

It should be clear at this point, that on January 6th, after the electoral votes were officially counted, Trump should have stated something to this effect:

“Much like us, the ancient Romans had a republic, and it was a wonderful republic, believe me. Now, in order to keep things on track, they would in times of serious national crisis appoint one man to be a temporary absolute ruler, whose word was law. Now, it’s apparent that draining the swamp will not be possible if I have to work within the current legal apparatus, therefore I will take my election as such a mandate. So, upon taking office, I will unilaterally promulgate any law, budget, or executive order that I deem necessary to Make America Great Again, and I will not allow for any judicial or other review.

Now, I’m not for true dictatorship of course, so I’ll allow a little bit of oversight in this: if Congress finds this unacceptable, either now or in the future, they can impeach me, and I’ll step down voluntarily. I’m even giving them two weeks fair warning, in case they want to preempt me entirely. Personally, given a choice between career suicide and an eight-year paid vacation, I’d take the latter, but it’s up to them.”


A note on the CIA

Just a note:

The CIA is, by virtue of its publicly acknowledged purposes, a group of dishonest execrable liars who encourage people to commit treason against their countries. If the government were just, its members would be executed from the top down for espionage.

Carry on.


My condolences to the Austrians – Mein Beileid an die Österreicher

I figured you guys were going to vote for the right candidate, and had a pretty good idea of what I was going to write about it.

Oh well, at least the Italians voted correctly.


Ich dachte, ihr wollt für den richtigen Kandidaten wählen und habt eine ziemlich gute Vorstellung davon, was ich darüber schreiben wollte.

Na ja, zumindest die Italiener stimmten richtig.