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6 thoughts on “Commenting

  1. Fr. Frank says:

    Wow! What a mind God has blessed you with. I’m a Roman Catholic priest in South Louisiana who found your blog after reading your responses on another blog. I look forward to following your thoughts! God’s blessings to you!

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  2. Fr. Frank says:

    It’s been awhile since I responded to you. I’ll go back through my responses on the comboxes so I can remember where I first saw you post. BTW, I’m from Texarkana, and fell in love with the Church at St. Edward’s on the Arkansas Side, a beautiful 1920s Roman esquire church. I was baptized across the street at Beech Street Baptist. Making the trip across the street has been quite a journey! I’m so thankful to be home! (I hope to be celebrating at Sacred Heart on the Texas side of town within the month. If you’re close by maybe you could attend. )

    Blessings and Union of Prayers!
    Fr. Frank Bass+ Pastor,
    St. ISidore the Farmer Parish
    St. Pius X Parish
    Baton Rouge, La..


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