The Great Comission and hatred of one’s hosts

There is a bad tendency among many of the clergy today, to want to make America* Catholic not by means of conversion, but by way of immigration (this will fail for a number of reasons, but the sort of people who think like this generally aren’t sufficiently reflective to see that). This inverts Christ’s command to convert all nations, and replaces it with a desire to abolish any nation that does not convert, i.e. hatred.

If you want a sane and charitable approach to evangelizing America, it has to go like this:

1. America is in fact, and always has been, a secular-Protestant country.
2. America, as in the actual population thereof, must convert.

*Our clergy have the excuse of being able to pretend that that’s what they’re up to. The ones in Europe have no excuse.


A reasoned analysis of bullying in schools

First of all, in discussing bullying, a distinction needs to be made between physical bullying and kids making fun of each other.

As for the latter, it’s not something that should be a serious concern to any reasonable person. Kids have always made fun of each other, and they always will. It’s venially sinful, and teachers should correct it if they witness individual instances of it, but it’s not something to be worried about, and certainly not something to mount massive campaigns over.

The former sort of bullying (physically abusing one’s classmates) is a bit more concerning, and should warrant corporal punishment, but it again is not a matter which should warrant existential concern. Kids (particularly young boys) always have gotten into fights and always will.


Terminal stupidity

Recently, I saw a pamphlet on display in the vestibule at Church. I figured I hadn’t tortured myself by reading one in a while, so I took one and read it. Suffice to say, it was worse than I expected.

It was titled “what to do when someone you love leaves the Catholic faith”, and was primarily directed to parents whose children have apostasized.

You might think it would contain tips on how to persuade them to return. Nope, to summarize:

1. Don’t talk to or otherwise try to get your child to return to the faith.

2. Apologize, not for anything in particular, but just because.

3. Definitely don’t feel guilty about possibly having been negligent in your kid’s faith formation.

Words can’t describe the idiocy of some Church leaders nowadays. Just think, someone actually believed that that was good advice.