The Great Comission and hatred of one’s hosts

There is a bad tendency among many of the clergy today, to want to make America* Catholic not by means of conversion, but by way of immigration (this will fail for a number of reasons, but the sort of people who think like this generally aren’t sufficiently reflective to see that). This inverts Christ’s command to convert all nations, and replaces it with a desire to abolish any nation that does not convert, i.e. hatred.

If you want a sane and charitable approach to evangelizing America, it has to go like this:

1. America is in fact, and always has been, a secular-Protestant country.
2. America, as in the actual population thereof, must convert.

*Our clergy have the excuse of being able to pretend that that’s what they’re up to. The ones in Europe have no excuse.


Immigrating to America is bad for you

Earlier today I had occasion to attend the Spanish Mass at a nearby parish. What was truly amazing was how many kids were there, it was obvious that the Hispanics at this parish were faithful Catholics, likely more so than the Anglos.

The terrible thing is that, growing up in America, most of those kids will become morally corrupted as adults and will be damned. No doubt this would happen to some even in Mexico, but certainly not as many.