Prescription Anti-Psychotics Take Another Life

Edit: It seems that video evidence may put Fields’s guilt in doubt. I’ll leave this post up in the meantime, but it is possible that he may be innocent of wrongdoing or at least innocent of murder. If that is confirmed I will take this down.

According to his High School teacher, the guy who ran a car into a crowd in Charlottesville had a history of taking prescription anti-psychotics. Now a woman is dead, his life is ruined, and the lying press is aided in its determination to portray the Alt-Right as violent.

I will note, as has been noted before, that lone wolf attacks that aren’t gang or Islam related are almost exclusively carried out by current or former users of mind-altering drugs (usually but not always prescription). Had he not been on them (whether or not he currently is is unknown), it is very unlikely that this incident would have occurred.