An honest conversation about racism

You know whenever a leftist says that we need to have an honest conversation about racism, that the ensuing conversation will be anything but. Still, let’s give it a shot.

First of all, some definitions of terms:

Racism: Hatred (as in wishing evil on) of people because of their race

Subracism: Holding of negative opinions about people because of their race

Racial generalization: Acknowledgement or understanding of general tendencies among a given racial group.

Racialism: Particular attachment to one’s own race.

It should be fairly obvious to anyone not mired in the mental fog of PC that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with racial generalization. Jews do tend to subversion and greed, blacks do tend to violence and criminality, whites do tend to degeneracy and metrosexuality, etc.

It should also be fairly obvious, to anyone not ensnared by monomania, that racism is evil. Fortunately, this ill seems to be fairly rare, and to the extent it does exists it seems to be mostly a matter of hatred felt by blacks for whites. It is moreover to be expected that racism would be very rare, and would only emerge when subracists perceived that members of another race were superior is some way (numbers, intelligence, power, etc.).

Now, subracism is a bit more widespread. Subracism is wrong because it takes racial generalization beyond its proper limits, by extrapolating general tendencies to be universal, which will result in the holding of rash or calumnious beliefs about individual people. Now, it should be clear that in modern America, the most prevelant type of subracism is by whites against whites. I once even heard a priest say that whites all have an inclination to murderous hatred of blacks, this inclination being so innate in whiteness, that even hispanics are affected by it (the priest was an anglo, for reference). As far as I can tell, most nonwhites who denigrate us tend to be more moderate in their statements, and clarify that there are of course good whites out there. Obviously, most white critics of other races are careful to be so clear.

What of racialism then? Many people, mostly anti-white white subracists, claim that any form of white racialism necessarily is motivated by racism. White right-liberals tend to make an even more expansive claim, that any form of racialism, on the part of any race, is motivated by racism. Is this true? Obviously not, since one could have people who were attached to their own people, but never interacted with others, for whatever cause. Introducing the fact that interracial interactions of whatever kind happen doesn’t change this.


Being a racist makes you more charitable to minorities

Being a racist, that is, acknowledging that there are important differences between different races and different cultures, and that these cultures are often mutually incompatible, makes you bear less resentment toward problematic minorities.

If you believe that racism is a bad bad thing believed in only by subhuman oppressors, but still have enough of a brain to realize that something’s rotten in black communities in the United States, you have to resort to explaining this away through declaring that the people in those communities must be malicious or otherwise evil. Acknowledging that their problems come from the inherent cultural conflicts of forced integration, relieves you of having to impute malice to them.

The same principle is valid with respect to the Muslims flooding Europe, acknowledging that their culture and religion is radically incompatible with our own, allows you to explain their misbehavior without resorting to claiming that they don’t have individual consciences or other such absurdities.